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Ukraine | KAZKA reveal their song for Vidbir 2019

Vidbir 2019, the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is scheduled for February, with semi-finals on the 9th and 16th, and the final on February 23rd.

MELOVIN, Ukraine's participant in Eurovision 2018, will perform as an interval act on the first semi-final of Vidbir. In his interview with STB, MELOVIN revealed that he'll be rooting for KAZKA to become his successors at Eurovision.

Last year KAZKA topped Eastern European charts with their song „Plakala“, and gave Eurofans many reasons to be excited for their participation in Vidbir. It's actually their second participation in Vidbir. They participated last year with the song „Dyva, but failed to qualify to the final.

Hopefully, this year will bring them more success at Vidbir. They just revealed their song for Vidbir 2019, called "Apart". which you can check out here:

At the beginning of January, UA:PBC released the lineup of the sixteen artists. Due to TAYANNA's withdrawal, MARUV is later added to the lineup.

Here are the final 16 acts for Vidbir 2019:

Semi-Final One:

  1. The Hypnotunez

  2. LETAY


  4. TseSho

  5. YUKO

  6. MARUV

  7. Brunettes Shoot Blondes


Semi-Final Two:

  1. Ivan NAVI


  3. KAZKA


  5. LAUD


  7. Braii

  8. Freedom Jazz

The expert jury will feature:

- Jamala (Eurovision winner in 2016)

- Andriy Danylko (a.k.a. Verka Serduchka, the runner-up in Eurovision 2007)

- Yevhen Filatov (music producer)

The winner od Vidbir 2019 will be decided by a split of votes from a jury and the Ukrainian audience.

What do you think of KAZKA's Vidbir entry? Who are you going to root for in Ukrainian national selection? Tell us in the comments and make sure to follow us on our social media for more content like this.

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