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Estonia | Eesti Laul Semi Final One - Who advanced to the Final?

Tonight marked the start of Estonia's national selection - 'Eesti Laul' - with the first twelve artists performing in a bid to advance to the grand final - to be held on Saturday 16th February. In a change to the format for 2019, instead of there only being 10 songs in the final, 6 from each semi final will advance with 12 making the final. Tonight we saw the first six advance.

In another format change, the semi finals were aired live instead of the usual pre-recorded set-up from previous years.

The twelve performers tonight were:

  1. The Swingers - "High Heels in the Neighbourhood"

  2. Marko Kaar - "Smile"

  3. Xtra Basic & Emily J - "Hold Me Close"

  4. Johanna Eendra - "Miks sa teed nii?"

  5. Stefan - "Without You"

  6. Sandra Nurmsalu - "Soovide puu"

  7. Jennifer Cohen - "Little Baby El"

  8. Sofia Rubina ft. Janika Tenn - "Deep Water"

  9. Öed - "Öhuloss"

  10. Victor Crone - "Storm"

  11. Ranele - "Supernova"

  12. Inger - "Coming Home"

The results are split in to two brackets. Firstly, a jury and televote decide the first five qualifiers with their highest voted song by the juries picking up 12 points and so on then combining that score with the televote. After the first five qualifiers were decided, a second round of televoting opened which then solely decided the final qualifier.

The qualifiers and performances are:

The Swingers - "High Heels in the Neighbourhood"

Xtra Basic & Emily J - "Hold Me Close"

Stefan - "Without You"

Victor Crone - "Storm"

Inger - "Coming Home"

and the winner of the second round televote...

Sandra Nurmsalu - "Soovide puu"

On Saturday night (February 2nd) we will watch the second live semi final which will determine the second half of the qualifiers for the final.

Did your favourite qualify? Are you happy with tonight's result? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to check our other social media out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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