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Eurovision 2019 | Tonight In Eurovision Selections - What To Watch!

Tonight kick-starts another weekend of national final selections and decisions as some some begins their search, some are ending tonight with one artist and one complete entry being decided for Tel Aviv! Keep reading to find out what's happening where tonight.

France - Destination Eurovision Final: 9pm (CET)

We started with 18 acts and now we only have eight left competing for the place in Tel Aviv, the favourites heading into the final seem to be Bilal Hassani, Seemone and Emmanuel Moire, can either of them snatch the win or will a surprise arise from the other five? The eight finalists competing tonight are:

  • Aysat - "Comme une Grande"

  • Bilal Hassani - "Roi"

  • Chimène Badi - "La-Haut"

  • Doutson - "Sois un bon fils"

  • Emmanuel Moire - "La promesse"

  • Seemone - "Tous les deux"

  • Silvan Areg - "Allez leur dire"

  • The Divaz - "La voix d'Aretha"

Malta - X Factor Malta Final: 8:50 (CET)

Tonight after weeks of auditions, bootcamp and tough eliminations the debut season of X Factor Malta recahes it conclusion and with it Malta's artist for Eurovision will be decided. Four are left in the running with the winner signing a cotract with Sony Music Italy but also giving the chance to represent Malta in Euroviion. Although the song tonight will not be decided and that shall come at a later date. This is the first time Malta have gone down a different route to select their artist to that as previous national selection Malta Eurovision Song Contest. The four finalists in the running are:

  • Michaela Pace

  • Nicole Frendo

  • Owen Leuellen

  • Petra

Lithuania - Eurovizijos Third Heat: 8pm (CET)

Lithuania heads into its third heat of its national selection where another thirteen acts will compete for six spots in the next round, tonight also sees the beginning of heavy favourite Monika Marija's Eurovision charge, can she deliver what is epxected and get to Tel Aviv? The acts in the running tonight are:

  • Laimingu Būti Lengva - "Pasaulio vidury"

  • Voldemars Petersons - "Dancing with the Stars"

  • La Forza - "Leisk tave paguosti"

  • Sofija Eitutytė - "My 7th Life"

  • Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys - "Mažulė"

  • Dagna - "The Rush"

  • Jurgis Brūzga - "CTRL ALT DELETE"

  • Kali - "Don‘t B3long"

  • Cheri - "Again"

  • 120 - "No Doubt"

  • Monika Marija - "Criminal"

  • Jurijus - "Run with the Lions"

  • Jurgis DID & Erica Jennings - "Sing!"

Hungary - A Dal Second Heat: 7:30pm (CET)

Hungary move into their second heat of their six week long selection process, A Dal, ten more songs will perform for the first time hoping to impress the scoring jury and public alike as six more will advance to the semi finals and we sadly will see another four get cut at the first hurdle. The ten in contention tonight are:

  • Acoustic Planet - "Nyári zápor"

  • Bence Vavra - "Szótlanság"

  • Dávid Heatle - "La Mama Hotel"

  • Diana - "Little Bird"

  • Fatal Error - "Kulcs"

  • Gotthy - "Csak 1 perc"

  • Klára Hajdu - "You're Gonna Rise"

  • The Middletonz - "Roses"

  • The Sign - "Ó"

  • yesyes - "Incomplete"

Latvia - Supernova Semi Final One: 8:25pm (CET)

Tonight Latvia begin their search for their Eurovision artist and song for Tel Aviv, sixteen survived the live auditions round and now the first eight will take place in tonight semi final, with four advancing. The four will be selected from a combination of jury votes and televotes, the eight in contention tonight are:

  • Aivo Oskis - "Somebody's Got My Lover"

  • Alekss Silvërs - "Fireworks"

  • Edgars Kreilis - "Cherry Absinthe"

  • Elza Rozentāle - "You Came On Tiptoe"

  • Kris & Oz - "Midnight Streets"

  • Laime Pilnïga - "Awe"

  • Lïga Rïdere - "Büšu tepat"

  • Samantha Tina - "Cutting The Wire"

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