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United Kingdom | Eurovoxx talks to Holly Tandy who will sing 'Bigger Than Us'

Yesterday, the BBC announced the name of the six artists that will be singing three songs at the United Kingdom's national final, 'Eurovision- You Decide' ,which will be broadcast from Salford, Manchester live on Friday, February 8th 2019. Soon after this news, the press were given a chance to interview these artists, with Eurovoxx being one of the lucky sites being given access to them. Our man Andy was there and spoke to one of the hopefuls, Holly Tandy, who will be singing her version of, "Bigger Than Us". The interview can be found below, and this is what she had to say.

Dressed in green and wearing her distinctive hat, Holly was very happy to to talk to Andy from Eurovoxx, and said that she was very, "excited" about it all. Of the secret of being one of the hopefuls, we had to know how it was kept. The young singer said that, "when i get excited, i just want to tell everyone, and i have had to refrain from telling family members. The way i act on Facebook. It's been hell. I am so excited that the news is out now. I can now really focus on my performance".

Between now, and the final in Salford, the excitable singer admitted that there would be a lot of work involved, "I want to get on that stage, and know I have done everything I can to rehearse that song in every element". Of the song, Holly was very clear of the style that she wanted to sing it in, and responded by saying, "as soon as I heard it, I thought this would sound so good with a country vibe to it, and a good beat, and that is exactly what I have done with it production wise". The singer also admitted that she loved Michael's version too, and that they are both very unique sounding.

Holly was 16 when she first appeared on the X Factor UK, and was quick to say that since then she is determined that the music path is definitely for her, career wise. "Now I know where I fit in the industry, that will give me the edge". It certainly should when it comes to Eurovision. What is more important is that the talented young singer seems to be learning her craft as she goes along. This experience, will certainly help, and could shape her career to come.

She is not only looking to, "Dare to Dream" at the UK national final, but also the main event too. "We've not had a win in a while. I know we can if it is me or someone else. Fingers crossed, I am rooting for the UK". The fact that the United Kingdom has not won in over twenty years would not add extra pressure to Holly, as she is focused on the here, and now and getting the job done. "I wanna do a really good job, do a good performance, and smash it". We certainly hope so too.

Of Eurovision, everyone knows it is one big party, but the local singer aptly claimed it's, "Bigger than us". Which led on to the next question who was her biggest icon or idol. Her response, "Lady Gaga, I love her. She is a fantastic writer... I love Chris Martin, the Script. I love my bands". Check her song out below:

It will be a surprise to all the viewers when the song, "Bigger than us" is performed live in just over two weeks time. The whole team are really excited for this.

Eurovoxx would like to wish this talented singer all the best for February 8th, and will be keeping our fingers crossed.

What do you think of the song? and Holly's chances? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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