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Austria | Artist To Be Revealed On January 29th

Today it was announced when and where the Austrian artist for Eurovision 2019 shall be revealed, and we will getting the name as soon as January 29th!

The artist reveal will take place on the Ö3 alarm clock show which is presented by Eberhard Forcher, the man has been involved with their internal selection every year since 2017 and has also been involved in finding their artist again this year also, according to Eurovision Austria, the artist is female.

Many fans and members of Team Eurovoxx were hoping it would be the turn of Sara De Blue, who placed second in San Marino's selection show 1in360 in 2017, however last month she confirmed herself she shall be taking part on Eurovision in 2019 in any format so who could the mystery female artist be? One option could be 2016 national selection runner up Elly V, who depsite being the youngest the selection in the year she competed wowed everyone with her dark and electronic entry "I'll Be Around" and won the jury vote in the selection, but narrowly lost out to winner Zöe in the super final, could she be the desired candidate this time round?

Last year Austria were represented by Cesar Sampson with the song "Nobody But You" and his stellar vocals and gospel flavour he brought to the Eurovision stage in Lisbon had him on top the pack after the jury vote in the final, however the public did not share the same enthusiaism as the juries, voting him thriteenth, meaning he finished in third overall with 342 points.

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