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United Kingdom | Eurovoxx talks to Kerrie-Anne who will sing 'Sweet Lies'

Yesterday, the BBC announced the name of the six artists that will be singing three songs at the United Kingdom's national final, 'Eurovision- You Decide' ,which will be broadcast from Salford, Manchester live on Friday, February 8th 2019. Soon after this news, the press were given a chance to interview these artists, with Eurovoxx being one of the lucky sites being given access to them. Our man Andy was there and spoke to one of the hopefuls, Kerry Anne, who will be singing her version of, "Sweet Lies". The interview can be found below, and this is what she had to say.

The interview began with Andy commenting on her shoes, and Kerrie-Anne joking that the Eurovoxx colours matched her outfit. Asked how she was feeling, the new star said, "it's insane, but also very exciting, I am trying to focus on the positive feelings... the best feeling is knowing the song is out there, and people are loving it. It's such a lovely feeling".

When asked how long she had to wait until she told people that she has a shot of representing the United Kingdom, Kerrie-Anne told us that it was the end of November last year, and that, "I have been holding this secret, and it has been the hardest thing...especially since i've got such a big mouth... I am so glad that I have had that time to learn the song, and make the song my own, so I can deliver a great song today".

Team Eurovoxx love the sound of this song, and can understand why it already has so many fans. When asked had she seen some of the reactions to it, the talented singer told us that, "I don't want to focus so much on the reactions, i absolutely value everyone's feedback, and support". However, she was quick to add that her main focus is getting the song to Tel Aviv. This artist is really keen to represent her country in Israel. She is trying to stay very focused, and not get swept away with it all.

Andy then asked her how she would celebrate if her name is announced as the winner on February 8th? Kerrie-Anne did admit that she had been thinking of this, and maybe do a signature move. However, admitted that. "I would freeze, it would be such a dream come true". It would be ours too, as this song is favourite amongst many in our team.

Andy went digging and wanted to know more about the artist, and the person. The young singer told us that she is actually a primary school teacher, and moved to Dubai to teach for five years. However, along the way she has found herself moving more towards the stage, performing at gala's, wedding, and fashion events. Kerrie-Anne then told Andy that she couldn't juggle both careers so opted for singing instead. Check out her entry below.

Of the song itself, the fresh faced singer said that, "lyrically, being blissfully ignorant about a relationship...or career, you don't want to know the truth. You love these things so much, and to know the truth will tear you apart... that's what the song is about, being blissfully unaware". She also hinted that there would be a few moves busted on stage, but didn't give to much away,

The Eurovoxx interviews always like to delve, and know more about the artist in a fun way. Andy asked what was the sweetest thing that anybody had done for her. The reply was simple, "a previous boyfriend bought me a pair of designer shoes, that I had absolutely no idea i was going to get". The biggest lie the artist has ever told left her clueless, but she said, "I try not to tell lies, that is the biggest lie". A very good answer indeed.

The interview ended with Andy wishing this talented artist the best of luck. The rest of the team concur, and would like to wish Kerrie-Anne the best of luck in the UK national final.

Do you like the song? Did you like the interview? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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