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United Kingdom | Eurovoxx talks to Anisa who will be singing 'Sweet Lies'

Yesterday, the BBC announced the name of the six artists that will be singing three songs at the United Kingdom's national final, 'Eurovision- You Decide',which will be broadcast from Salford, Manchester live on Friday, February 8th 2019. Soon after this news, the press were given a chance to interview these artists, with Eurovoxx being one of the lucky sites being given access to them. Our man Andy was there and spoke to one of the hopefuls, Anisa, who will be singing her version of, "Sweet Lies". The interview can be found below, and this is what she had to say.

Anisa looking pretty in pink seemed very happy at the whole experience. Andy firstly asked her how she had been finding it since her name was mentioned as one of the hopefuls, and being present in front of everybody. To which she said, "nerve wracking... now it's a chilled vibe. I really like it. It's exciting". Of her excitement, the young singer didn't really need to tell us how she felt. You could clearly see the joy, and eagerness in her face. "I am like burning, i cannot wait, I don't know how I am going to wait another two and a half weeks 'til we get out there ans show you what we have been working on".

This led Andy on to the next question in regards to the preparations. Anisa said that they will have their own individual rehearsals, and try and get their own message across through the song. The first official rehearsal will be in a week. She admitted it will be exciting, and that she is prepared to learn, and absorb what she needs too.

This is not the first claim to fame that the young singer has had. She has worked along some big names such as Neo and Brandy. We wanted to know more to which the response was, "I am a singer, songwriter. So i could never chose between the two because I love them just as much. I have written for Arianna Grande, and got my first publishing deal two years ago... I've sung for Brandy who is one of my biggest inspirations... I've opened the show for Neo. This is one for me too (participating in Eurovision- You Decide)". Anisa explained that musically it is a massive year for the UK, and the best music in the world is coming from here. She exclaimed it would be a massive honour to represent the United Kingdom.

Of the song "Sweet Lies", Anisa admitted that she had chosen it because, "for me it's a lot about the message... it is about a relationship. For me it goes further than that. It's about mu outlook on life itself. Take in the moment you are going to get hurt but take a dive head first ". She went on to say that you take the highs, with the lows, and the good with the bad, and explained that this was how she lived her life. A very positive message indeed, and quite an optimistic outlook on a bad situation too. Check out the song below.

Of the staging, "there will be unicorns, fairies, rainbows". She admitted it was only a joke, and went on to say, "there is going to be a piano, and just emotion, power, and passion". It sounds like it is going to be incredible, and a song to really tug at the heart strings. We are all looking forward to seeing this.

Andy asked the same question that he posed to Kerrie-Anne, and wanted to know the sweetest thing that anyone had done for the British singer. Another, quick response, "I am a massive food lover, so anyone who knows that I am home, and gets food delivered to my door without telling me. That is gold". We all know someone who is exactly like this. Of the biggest lie Anisa has ever told, she said, "me and my sister are not twins, but look very similar, so people think I am her, so i just go along with it". This left us begging the question, Is she the real Anisa? Who knows?

Anisa will duel with Kerrie-Anne. The whole team at Eurovoxx would like to wish her the very best on February 8th 2019.

Do you like the song? Do you think she could win? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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