Slovenia | The Running Order For EMA 2019 Has Been Revealed

The national broadcaster for Slovenia, RTVSLO has today revealed details of the running order that will be used to determine the countries next Eurovision Song Contest entry. EMA will aire on Saturday February 2019.

There will be ten entries that will compete for this honour, with the show being hosted Ajda Smrekar. The winning entry will be Slovenia's 25th at Eurovision. The running order is as follows:

  1. Kim – Rhythm Back To Me

  2. Renata Mohorič – Three Bridges

  3. René – Ne poveš

  4. Fed Horses – Ti ne poznaš konjev

  5. Ula Ložar – Fridays

  6. Lumberjack – Lepote dna

  7. Okustični – Metulji plešejo

  8. INMATE – Atma

  9. Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl – Oprosti

  10. Raiven – Kaos

The show will use both a jury, and the public to determine the winning song. However, this will be done in two stages. The professional jury will be used to whittle down then ten songs to a final two. These two entries will the progress to a super final. The public will then get involved as they will chose the winner. It has been noted the jury will only be used to determine the winner, if there is a technical problem with the public voting system.

Last year, Slovenia stuck to its roots, and opted to only send a song sung in its native language. It was Lea Sirk that won the right to sing in Lisbon, where she performed, "Hvala, ne!" which eventually finished 22nd scoring 64 points.

Which of the songs do you like best? Could Slovenia qualify for the grand final again? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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