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Greece | Artist Announcement Confirmed for January

Greece have decided to internally select their act for Eurovision 2019 to be hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel later this year and speculation has been wild for the past few weeks as several Greek artists were either reported to be interested or in discussion with Greek national broadcaster ERT. Whilst Greek singer Katerine Duska is seen to be the current frontrunner to be selected, there has yet to be any official confirmation. However plans are well underway and with the latest press release, we have confirmation that we will know the Greek participant within the next week!

Recent administrative changes have changed the delegation team for Eurovision with Giannara Irene becoming the new Greek Head of Press for Eurovision and this years contest will be her first involvement! Speaking with OGAE Greece, Giannara was optimistic about the entry for this years song contest but has also confirmed that we can expect the act announcement imminently. In a message to OGAE Greece she said:

"The official announcement of the Greek representation is programmed to be done during the last days of the January, maximum. Some necessary procedures, long-time needed, forced us to delay the announcement which we firstly programmed to state in the middle of the month. Keep in mind that the Allocation Draw of the Semi Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, in January 28th, will really help us develop a proper communication strategy."

With there only being a week left, it means we can definitely expect the announcement within the next 7 days, adding the Greek artist to the steady stream of confirmations we are getting - Eurovision 2019 is beginning to take shape!

Katerine Duska is the big name being speculated within the community but who is she? Katerine is a Canadian-Greek singer, born in Montreal but living recently in the Greek capital, Athens. Her indie-soul vibe crosses with an ethno-driven neo soul approach to her music. As you can see with her debut single 'One In A Million' she has an exceptional voice and very unique tone. It is rumoured that ERT are keen to stick with the recent theme of traditional Greek pop music so it will be interesting to see, if Katerine is confirmed, what she will bring. Check out her debut single below:

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