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France | Jury Revealed For Destination Eurovision Final

In just over 48 hours, France will decide who their next Eurovision entry will be. Before that, however, the international jurors who will be giving their points in Saturday's final have been announced. There are ten in total, which is more than the semi finals.

In a tweet released this morning by Sébastien Barké, who is a French Eurovision specialist. He announced that the following ten people will form the international jurors:

  • Rona Nishliu (Albania) – Albanian representative at Eurovision 2012 in Baku

  • Cristoph Pellander (Germany) – Head of the German Delegation

  • Olga Salamakah (Belarus) – JESC 2018 producer, Destination Eurovision 2018 international juror

  • Alexandros Panayi (Cyprus) – Cypriot representative at Eurovision 1995 & 2000, backing vocalist and vocal director for many acts, including some from the “Dream Team”

  • Beatriz Luengo (Spain) – Spanish artist, dancer and actor, known for her leading part in Spanish TV Drama Un paso aledante (also known as Un, dos, tres or One Step Forward)

  • Michael Kealy (Ireland) – Executive Producer for RTÉ

  • Doron Medalie (Israel) – Writer and composer of “Toy” (Israel 2018)

  • Nicola Caligiore (Italy) – Head of the Italian Delegation, elected member of the Eurovision Reference Group and Destination Eurovision 2018 international juror

  • Ekaterina Orlova (Russia) – Music shows producer

  • Reto Peritz (Switzerland) – Head of the Swiss Delegation

Both the juries, and televote will hold exactly 50% of the vote. Each individual juror will have 42 points to score, They will award 2 points, then 6, 8, 10 and 12 to their favourite. As there are ten jurors that will a maximum of 420 points to be awarded. The highest score one artist could possibly get from the combined juror result is 120 points. The same will apply to the televote, where there is a total of 420 points to give away. If an artist scores 20% of the televote total, they shall receive 84 points.

Saturday's final will see these ten artists compete to be France's next Eurovision entrant:

  • Chimène Badi- "Là-haut"

  • Silvàn Areg- "Allez leur dire"

  • Bilal Hassani -"Roi"

  • Aysat -"Comme une grande"

  • Emmanuel Moire- "La promesse"

  • The Divaz- "La voix d'Aretha"

  • Doutson -"Sois un bon fils"

  • Seemone -"Tous les deux"

Both Bilal Hassani and Seemone won their semi finals. Could one of these artists actually win the show? Who would you like to see win ? Vote in our poll here. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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