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United Kingdom | Eurovision: You Decide Artists & Songs Announced

This morning after many weeks of eager anticipation, the BBC finally announced the six artists who shall be competing in the forthcoming national selection show Eurovision: You Decide, the songs that shall be competing with to get to Tel Aviv were announced also.

In a unique twist, there are only three songs for the six acts, meaning each song will be performed by two acts, in conflicting different styles, on the night the acts will have to go head to head with the artist with the same song of them, with the public voting for their favourite from the battle, once all three have been voted on, another will take place to determine the winner and the United Kingdom. Give the six tracks a listen here:

Michael Rice - "Bigger Than Us"


Holly Tandy - "Bigger Than Us"

Jordan Clarke - "Freaks"


MAID - "Freaks"

Kerrie-Anne - "Sweet Lies"


Anisa - "Sweet Lies"

Here's some more infromation about the three songs and the six renditions:

"Bigger Than Us" was composed by Swiss 2018 entry songwriter Laurell Barker alongside Melodifiestivalen 2018 finalist John Lundvik and Jonas Thander and Anna-Klara Folin, it shall be performed by Holly Tandy who placed seventh on the X Factor 2017 and Michael Rice who won the BBC reality singing show All Together Now back in 2018.

Michael Rice will be performing the song in a slow buildiing rousing ballad style with a huge finish (and Eurovision klaxon for the key change!).

Meanwhile, Holly Tandy has opted for a more lighthearted upbeat country and folk vibe with the song. Very contrasting styles of the same song and we are very interested to see who will win this battle!

"Freaks" was composed by Jon Maguire, Corey Parkhouse, Corey Sander and George Tizzard, the quartet have wrote for the likes of Little Mix, 5 Seconds Of Summer and James Arthur just to name a few and will be performed by Jordan Clarke, who is most known for covers on YouTube and girl group MAID, made up of singer Kat, Miracle and Blythe.

Jordan Clarke's composition of the entry is a very modern pop bouncing vibe, not to dissimilar to that of The Vamps, Twenty One Pilots and 5 Seconds Of Summer, the chorus having a easy mid tempo bounce vibe an audience can easily bop or clap along to.

MAID however have taken the song and made it dark, with the chorus being more invented and slowed down and a reverb effect in use, keeping the song as a slow four count bar pace throughout the whole song

The third and final song is titled "Sweet Lies" and is wrote by Lisa Cabbie, Maria Broberg and Esben Svane, Lisa is most known for being a composer on the Eurovision 2013 winning "Only Teardrops" and will be performed by two soloists - Kerrie-Anne and Anisa.

Kerrie-Anne is bringing us the dance floor club vibe and we are hear for it! Dancefloor filler building through the chorus and drops a dance chorus, we love it and you can certainly expect team Eurovoxx to throwing some moves to this during the selection show, harping back to the 90s dancefloor club track days mixed with some modern Sigala-esque twists, could this be the song for Tel Aviv?

Anisa however has unplugged the DJ decks and flashing neon lights and instead has opted to perform the song as piano led ballad, with some gospel elements with the backing singers, similar to MAID's Freaks, it has a constant and consistency four count bar in the background and main bone of the song, which means it progresses now, another version which sparks memories of 90s and 2000s slow tempo R&B tracks.

So there are the six songs for the UK! Who are your winners of each battle? Who do you want to see in Tel Aviv? Eurovision:You Decide takes place on February 8th and let us know your thoughts and comments of all six entries!

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