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Czechia | Jurors Three and Four Reveal their 12 Points!

After the success last year that the Czech Republic and broadcaster ČT had with their revamped national selection 'Eurovision Song CZ' with Mikolas Josef, it was no surprise that they decided to return to this selection format. Yesterday the broadcaster began posting the jury results in a different format to last years. Find out below:

The public vote on the eight songs which each had a music video posted earlier this year ended on Monday 21st January and then ahead of the full results (which is comprised 50/50 between jury and televote scores) two international jurors a night will have their twelve points announced. These reveals will take place daily at 18.00 and 20.00 CET until Sunday. On Monday 28th January, the full results of all jurors and televoting will be posted and the winner determined.

The third and fourth jurors were ZiBBZ who performed for Switzerland at Eurovision 2018, placing 13th in semi final one with their song 'Stones' and Ira Losco who represented Malta at Eurovision 2002 and 2016 placing 2nd in 2016 with '7th Wonder' then 12th in 2016 with 'Walk On Water'. They both know what it takes to perform on the Eurovision stage - will their points lead to a successful performance in Tel Aviv for the Czech Republic?

Third to vote - ZiBBZ from Switzerland:

And fourth - Ira Losco of Malta:

ZiBBZ joined yesterdays two jurors give their twelve points to Barbora Mochowa and 'True Colours' taking her total to 26. However Ira Losco is the first judge to have a different favourite - instead opting to award Lake Malawi with their song 'Friend of a Friend' her twelve points. Whilst we don't know the rest of their scores, we know that Barbora is most likely still in the lead currently. Ahead of the final result next week, we'll post a daily scoreboard so we can keep track of how the juror twelves are shaping up.

1. Barbora Mochowa - "True Colours" - 36 points

2. Lake Malawi - "Friend of a Friend" - 12 points

Are you happy that 'True Colours' has got off to the right start? Last year Mikolas Josef walked the jury vote with his song 'Lie To Me' - are we going to see a repeat of that? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for the latest Eurovision news.

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