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Cyprus | Tamta talks Eurovision 'I am excited about every new step I make'

As things are heating up on the island of Cyprus in preparation for the 64th Eurovision Song Contest, representative Tamta has given her first big televised interview about her Eurovision journey so far, what she hopes from it and has also given us fans some teasers about her upcoming participation and what we could maybe expect from her song 'Replay'! Thanks to INFE Cyprus for their translation to English - with the English subtitled video coming soon as promised by CyBC.

The interview was on a TV show titled 'TET-A-TET' and you can see the translated interview below.

How do you feel about going to Eurovision?​

I am very excited and I did not expect it.

Do you feel a burden representing Cyprus once your name was heard every year?

Burden no. More joy, a little anxiety and responsibility. I coped with many adversities and I do not have to prove anything. I am excited about every new step I make.

Why did you choose to go with Cyprus to Eurovision and not with Greece or Georgia?

For me, the two countries are the same. They know me in Cyprus as well as in Greece. With Greece I participated with 'With Love' and there was again a second proposal with Unloved but I missed the deadline for a while. Third proposal I do not think there was. Then it was only for a national final and not for internal selection and it was hard for me to get into the national final again. Eurovision always comes around and many people think I’ve always had a proposal and I did not accept it.

Cyprus made me a proposal for a second time in a row and last year I had too many obligations to think about it seriously. I hope Georgia will support me, since I was born there.

Is it an advantage or a drawback for your participation last year’s great perfomance of Eleni Foureira?

I expected to hear a lot of things but I do not feel it as a disadvantage since I do not think of the placing I will take in Eurovision. I’m not in a comparison with anyone. I have received very positive energy mainly from social media and many remember me since 2007.

What did you think of Eleni’s perfomance?

She was excellent and did her best. I did not regret not singing Fuego. There was a reason that me and Helena Paparizou rejected it and was eventually sung by Eleni. It was the best.

What style is her participation titled Replay?

It’s not a ballad, it’s a contemporary sound, but I can not say too much. I will record the song and I will have a more clear view. I believe in my team and want a decent result.

How did CyBC make the proposal?

The one who first contacted me to suggest it was the director of my record label MINOS EMI, Margarita Matsa and then everything took the right course.


We look forward to hearing more from Tamta soon! The song has just recently been recorded at a studio in Sweden and is currently in post-production by producer and composer Alex P and his team. They were the same team behind Eleni Foureira's incredible song 'Fuego' last year which of course came second at Eurovision 2018! We caught up with the amazing Eleni Foureira in Lisbon last year and are excited to seeing Tamta in Tel Aviv. Check out our interview with Eleni here:

Are you excited for 'Replay'? Let us know in the comments below and via our social media. Subscribe for the latest Eurovision news, selection updates and exclusive video content!

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