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Spain | 'La Venda' Revamp and Miki's Debut Album Announced

It has not even been a week since Miki was chosen as Spain's next Eurovision representative, but since then, the young singers life has become extremely busy. Probably one of Spain's more worthy winners has his set sights of a song revamp, along with a debut new album.

The author of the song "La venda", Adrià Salas has confirmed in the last few days that the song will under go a revamp, before it is sung on the Eurovision stage in Tel Aviv. The composer has also said, that not only will the melody be changed, but vocally it will sound different too.

In an interview with Eurovision Spain, Adrià Salas said, "I have several ideas, more melodic than arrangements, changes of vocals that could be made... the important thing is that he feels comfortable".

Eurovoxx's very own Andy reacts to the song, check it out below:

On top of the revamp, the star has also revealed that he is currently working on his debut album, clearly gaining on the momentum of his recent success. Miki will be collaborating, and working with Alfred García who is best known for being the Spanish representative last year, alongside Amaia. He will also be working with Nil Molines, and Arnau Griso.

It is likely that this album will be released after May, and that in the next few weeks, and months, the singers schedule will be extremely busy with interviews, and promotion of his Eurovision entry all over Europe.

The team at Eurovoxx cannot wait to listen to the revamp, and get to hear his new songs on the new album.

Are you just as excited as we are? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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