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Moldova | You can now listen to the 'O melodie pentru Europa' songs!

Moldova’s game is on! Following yesterday’s announcement from TRM about the 26 entries for “O melodie pentru Europa”, today all of the competing songs have been posted on YouTube, available for everyone to listen.

The artists will perform their songs in a live audition (February 2nd 2019), and then the jury will select songs for the semi-final which will be happening on March 2nd 2019, so we should know who will represent Moldova on March 3rd 2019!

We would like to wish all the contestants the best of luck! You can find a link to all the songs below:

Just in case you have forgotten, Moldova's 2018 entry was called "My Lucky Day", composed by the famous Philipp Kirkorov and was sang by the trio DoReDoS. #TeamEurovoxx had a lucky day last year where we managed to have an interview with both DoReDoS and Phillipp Kirkorov. You can watch it here:

Have you listened all the songs from this year's Moldovan selection? If so, which one is your favourite? How do you feel about Moldova’s odds for this year? Let us know!

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