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Denmark | Artists for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to be announced on Jan 31st

The broadcaster for Denmark, DRK, has announced further details of its up and coming national final that will try and find the act that will represent the Nordic nation at this year's Eurovision being held in Tel Aviv.

DRK in a statement have said that there will be a press conference to be held at 13:00 CET, on January 31st 2019, that will be fronted by the shows hosts, Kristian Gintberg and Johannes Nymark. They will announce the ten competing acts that will be singing on the final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix that will take place on the 23rd February 2019.

Just like last year, the press conference will introduce each hopeful, with the song being made available for the general public to hear a day after on the 1st February. So far, a few famous names such as Jasmin Gabay, and Julie Berthelsen have been rumoured as potential competing artists.

Last year, Denmark was represented by Rasmussen with his song "Higher Ground". Although it did not trouble the juries, it did very well with the public. Ultimately his song scored 226 points, coming a very respectable 9th place.

Are there any names you would like to see in the Danish national final? Please let us know in the comments below.

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