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LEP | London Eurovision Party Preliminary Date set for April 14th

The date British (and some further afield) Eurofans have been waiting has been confirmed by the organisers of London Eurovision Party! Eurofans will be descending on London for more pre-party fun on Sunday 14th April 2019.

It is important to note, that due to the current political situation with Brexit and the astonishing unknowns that we still face as we approach the leave date, the date has been noted as being preliminary dependent on what happens with the whole situation.

London Eurovision Party is one of the biggest pre-party events of the Eurovision circuit, with performers of both the current year and past years flying to the capital city to perform their Eurovision hits and sometimes even original music. It gives fans who may not be travelling out to Eurovision a chance to meet some of their favourites, listen to the performers give it their all and of course dance the night away to Eurovision music! What is there not to love!?

Last year was their biggest party yet - with almost half of the Eurovision 2018 acts getting involved in the fun as well as some performances from big names and fan favourites from previous years.

More details will be announced soon - make sure to look out from them via their social media and website all of which you can find in the image above!

We'll be there - and we definitely hope to see you there.

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