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Spain | Miki wins OT Gala Eurovision with 'La Venda'!

January 20, 2019

We've got a second Eurovision entry for Tel Aviv! Gala Eurovision of Operacion Triunfo was broadcast tonight, and among the final 10 entries – Spain's audience has chosen Miki - La Venda, with the total of 34% of the audience votes!




A night full of excitement started with the nine finalists performing Netta's winning song Toy. The guest performer was Eleni Foureira, presenting her new song Tomame and bringing the fire on the stage with her Eurovision entry Fuego, reminding all of us exactly why she gained international fame and recognition after her last year's Eurovision adventure.


Tonight we saw 10 songs performed in the following order:

  1. Marilia: “Todo bien”

  2. Sabela: “Hoy soñaré”

  3. Famous: “No puedo más”

  4. Natalia: “La clave”

  5. Julia: “Qué quieres que haga”

  6. Miki: “La venda”

  7. Noelia: “Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez”

  8. Carlos Right: “Se te nota”

  9. Natalia and Miki: “Nadie se salva”

  10. Maria: “Muérdeme”


The winner was chosen completely by the audience, who voted via SMS, app, and phone-calls in a single round of voting.



The jury, who was there to help the audience make the decision with their comments on the performances, consisted of:


Pastora Soler (Spain's representative in Eurovision in 2012, with Quédate Conmigo)

Doron Medalie (composer of Toy)

Manuel Martos (member if OT jury)

Tony Aguilar (Spain's TV commentator for Eurovision)


You can check out the winning performance of Miki's 'La Venda' here:


Did Spain make a good decision? Can they make a good result in Tel Aviv? Tell us in the comments and follow us on our social media.

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