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Hungary | A Dal Launches - Who qualified in Heat One?

Tonight long serving Hungarian National Final 'A Dal' launches which see's the first ten of thirty participating artists and groups compete for six spots through to the semi finals. Over the next six weeks we will see Hungary whittle down the field before ultimately choosing their Eurovision 2019 representative on Saturday 23rd February.

The ten competitors in heat one are:

  • Antal Tímea ft. Demko Gergő - "Kedves Világ!"

  • Berkes Olivér - "Világítótorony"

  • DENIZ - "Ide várnak vissza"

  • Hamar Barni - "Wasted"

  • Konyha - "Százszor visszajátszott"

  • Nomad - "A remény hídjai"

  • Oláh Gergő - "Hozzád bújnék"

  • Pátkai Rozina - "Frida"

  • Szekér Gergő - "Madár, repülj!"

  • Váray László - "Someone Who Lives Like This"

The juries each awarded a score out of 10 to each performance (with public live app voters also having a score averaged and added to the total after the performance), with the highest five total scores automatically securing a place in the next round. The bottom five then are opened up to a public vote with the highest vote-getter joining the others in the semi finals. The six qualifiers are:

1. Szekér Gergő - "Madár, repülj!"

2. Oláh Gergő – "Hozzád bújnék"

3. Tímea Antal feat. Gergő Demko – "Kedves Világ!"

4. Konyha – "Százszor visszajátszott"

5. Nomad – "A remény hídjai"

6. DENIZ – "Ide várnak vissza"

Next week the second batch of ten participants will take to the A Dal stage to perform where the next six semi finalists will be chosen.

Are you happy with tonights results? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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