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France | Destination Eurovision Semi Final 2 - Who qualified for the final?

January 19, 2019

After kicking off last week with the first semi final of 'Destination Eurovision', tonight saw the second batch of 9 artists perform a cover of a famous song and then their competing potential Eurovision song in a bid to qualify for the final. Last week, Bilal HassaniChimène BadiSilvàn Areg and Aysat all qualified for next weeks final and tonight another four made it through!



Tonight the nine participants and their songs were:

  • Doutson - "Sois un bon fils"

  • Emmanuel Moire - "La promesse"

  • Gabriella - "On cherche encore (Never Get Enough)"

  • Noémie - "Ma petite famille"

  • PhilipElise - "Madame la paix"

  • Seemone - "Tous les deux"

  • The Divaz - "La voix d'Aretha"

  • Tracy de Sá - "Por aqui"

  • Ugo - "Ce qui me blesse" 


After a smashing performance by Eurovision 2018 winner Netta,  an international jury consisting of Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic), Zoë (Austria), Christer Björkman (Sweden), Natia Mshvenieradze (Georgia) and Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan (Armenia) all handed out their votes before the outcome was decided by proportional televoting scores which made up the second 50% of the points offer.


The four qualifiers were: 

  • Seemone - "Tous les deux"

  • The Divaz - "La voix d'Aretha"

  • Emmanuel Moire - "La promesse"

  • Doutson - "Sois un bon fils"

Check out Andy and Jess' live reaction to the results here:



Next week the eight qualifiers will compete in the final of Destination Eurovision where the winner will win the prize of representing France at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest to be held this May in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Are you happy with the qualifiers from tonights show? Who do you want to win next week? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Subscribe for the latest Eurovision news, selection updates & exclusive video content!

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