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Moldova | TRM Receives 28 songs for O Melodie Pentru Europa 2019

A total of 28 songs have been submitted to the Moldovan broadcaster TRM for their annual national selection for Eurovision. This news comes after the submission deadline was reached today after giving 1 month for artists to get their songs and ideas together.

Last year, the 2 semi finals were dropped from the Moldovan selection. This year however, TRM have decided to treat us Eurofans to both a Semi Final and a Final of Moldovan Musical goodness! It's our Lucky Day! The Semi Final will take place on the 2nd of March while the final will follow 1 day later on the 3rd of March.

"But who is entering?" I hear you say; well we can count on Alex (formerly known as Sasha) Bognibov to have sent in a song to the NF as he has done every year since 2008. But we also know that 2018 Runner up of the national selection, Vera Turcanu, has entered with a song titled 'Cold'.

Moldova will be hoping that they won't be left feeling this way, especially considering their recent string of great results (3rd in 2017 and 10th in 2018). They want to bring the Fire to Tel Aviv and slay all the way to the Grand Final!

While we wait to hear some Moldovan talent in the National Selection, get your grandmother (or at least some old lady!) and rock out with Andy to the Moldovan debut at Eurovision in 2005: 'Boonika Bate Doba!'

Check out our interview with last year's Moldovan representatives, DoReDos on the Blue Carpet in Lisbon:

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