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Moldova | 2018 National Final runner-up Vera Turcanu returns with 'Cold'

In advance the Moldovan national final planned for March 3rd 2019 - O Melodie Pentru Europa 2019 - we are starting to hear some of the entries be released. Last year her song 'Black Heart' got her all the way to second place in the National Final and now she is back with the same team of pan-European composers and producers on pop song 'Cold' which has left us shook with that bass and DnB chorus!

The song is called “Cold” and is a song about betrayal by someone you loved or someone that meant a lot to you, who was always there for you. In the song she craves for this person, but eventually as time passes, she accepts being alone and from this situation grows strong. The song lyrics have a kind of a double meaning, “cold” in the sense of being abandoned, but also “cold” in the sense of not being interested anymore and you feeling cold towards that person. Realizing that you are above them and they are not worth for you to destroy yourself emotionally and mentally. Check out the track which has just been released on YouTube here:

This is Vera's third time vying to represent Moldova at Eurovision - will it be third time lucky for her after coming so close last year? In addition to her national final experience Vera has participated at the X Factor Romania, The Voice of Turkey. She states James Brown, Carla’s Dreams, Beyonce, Sia, Harry Styles and Imagine Dragons as some of her main influences.

Whilst Vera's voice sounds amazing on the track, we have to also give it up to the composers because the bass throughout the song is infectiously great - our feet are tapping! The composers on the music for the song were David Gällring, Karl Sahlin, Vera Turcanu whilst Nikos Sofis was the lyricist. Individually (or together) the trio of composers have worked with some very recognisable names for Eurofans; Omar Naber, Ovidiu Anton, Litesound, and Samra. Could Vera be the next and the first for the team to make it to Eurovision?

Let us know your thoughts on Vera Turcanu's new track in the comments below and make sure to follow Eurovoxx on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for the latest Eurovision news, selection updates and exclusive video content!

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