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Finland | Krista Siegfrids confirmed as UMK 2019 host!

It has been announced that former Finnish Eurovision representative from 2013 Krista Siegfrids will be this years host of Finland's national final UMK 2019.

The broadcaster for the Nordic nation YLE has revealed that the popular singer, and presenter will return to host the national final for the fourth time. The talented singer has done this since 2016, and is a popular choice among many Eurovision fans.

The national final is expected to mirror the format that it held last year, when one artist was chosen. Last year Saara Aalto was internally selected, and sang three songs, in which "Monsters" won. The singer will be revealed in a press conference on January 29th. The broadcaster has opted to use this format as Saara successfully qualified for Eurovision's grand final, after the country had failed to do this for two consecutive years earlier. The shows producers also want to invest more into the artist, and the quality of the performance.

Sigfrids is no stranger to Eurovision having participated for Finland with the song "Marry Me" back in Malmo, Sweden, 2013. She placed 24th, with 13 points. Since then she has done tours, and is a frequent guest at Eurovision parties, and events.

Who would you like to see represent Finland this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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