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Czech Republic | 'I'm trying to put more LGBT into music' - We talk to Pam Rabbit

On the 7th January 2019, the broadcaster for the Czech Republic released the names, and songs of the eight artists who will all bid to be Mikolas Josef's predecessor at the next Eurovision Song Contest. One of those singers is none other than Pam Rabbit who will be singing "Easy To Believe" in the hope that she will win the golden ticket to represent her home country in Tel Aviv, Israel in May 2019. She is no stranger to the contest though, as she was there with Mikolas as one of his backing singers when the country scored their best result last year in Lisbon. Eurovoxx were very honoured that she spoke to us, and this is what she had to say.

The talented artist began by telling Clara how she was encouraged by Mikolas to try and represent the Czech Republic at the Eurovision. "I was like wow. He was right, i would kind of like to be there, and to experience this thing by myself". She told us that she found out she was shortlisted as one of the final eight when she received a phone call saying, "Ummm you know you're in the Czech final... so i'm like what? Oh my God". Pam genuinely seems excited, about the possibility of going to Eurovision, and giggled excitedly a lot in the interview.

This young artist also told us of the importance that everyone should be themselves, and that she has a lot of friends that belong to the LGBT community, and that she is "trying to put more LGBT into music". She understands it's a risk, but her genuine love for people, and those who embrace themselves means that "I will fight for them". For Pam, it means a lot that those in this community are happy with the song, and that it will be a double bonus if she can represent the Czech Republic. Check out the full interview below:

Of the song Pam Rabbit told us that the she wrote the lyrics and her new producer soundskills did the beat, and together "Easy To Believe" was born. The young singers music has evolved over the years, as her style is now, "trappy, pop, funky music... this is what i want to do this year... more funk". She has even told us that her next song will be even more funky than her current one. Clara asked about musical influences to which she answered, "I grew up on so many different genres... I love James Brown, also a lot of African American music too".

In the interview Clara asked how this young singer would stage the song? Pam Rabbit radiated a huge smile and said, "well because it's a song for LGBT, I would imagine something, that go over the top... it will be an LGBT paradise.... something girly, and powerful". The team at Eurovoxx are extremely excited about this, and picturing drag queens, disco balls, and sequins. Also, it has been noted that there are two music video's for the same song. This was explained that the national broadcaster wanted eight music videos with the same concept, along with Pam Rabbit's own video.

There is always that one question that throws an artist. In this interview Clara found that one when it was asked which of the other seven artists would Pam Rabbit to chose to represent the Czech Republic, other than her own. It was a difficult choice, however the talented singer chose "Space Sushi" sung by Jakub Ondra and Jara Vymer with "On My Knees". Check out Pam Rabbit's song below:

We asked the young singer if she was successful in representing the Czech Republic, how her previous experience of Eurovision would help. We were told that, "I know what's going to happen... I know how many sacrifices Mikolas had to have, no sleep, and work, work, work... I know what I need to do". Also, "Why Pam Rabbit"? She put it simply that her name was Pamela, but her and the producer of her first hit thought that it sounded boring. "I called myself Pam Rabbit on Facebook, and Instagram a long time before... five years ago when i bought my little rabbit. I was obsessed. So all of my friends started to call me Rabbit. So rabbit was my nickname, and Pam is also my nickname". The rest they say is history.

What does the future hold for Pam Rabbit? The Czech Singer told us that even if she doesn't go to Eurovision that she would like to release her next song. Also, an album maybe on the cards. "I am going to work, work, and work harder, until people start to realise I am here". This young talent certainly has what it takes, and does seem determined to make a name for herself. Something she is definitely doing so well at doing at the moment.

Pam Rabbit seems to be having a lot of well earned support, this is deserved, and Eurovoxx believe she could be great ambassador for the Czech Republic. The whole team would like to wish her the very best on the road to Tel Aviv.

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