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Netherlands | Could we be getting a dance track for Tel Aviv?

January 18, 2019


Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS, along with AVROTROS preselection committee member and Dutch Eurovision commentator, Cornald Maas, have revealed on Dutch talk show "Tijd Voor MAX" that the broadcaster have already selected a song for Eurovision 2019 and that now, they are in the process of searching for the singer, saying: "The most important is that there is a very good song coming to begin with".


Jan Smit, singer, television host and AVROTROS preselection committee member has said in an interview with RTL Late Night back in November that even though he is a singer himself, he is not interested in competing in such a competition and thinks that there are many better artists who are more suitable for Eurovision. When asked on who he thinks would be suitable a suitable candidate to represent The Netherlands in Eurovision, the talk turned to Dutch DJs, saying: 

"I think that in The Netherlands, we have so many good DJs, who are already very well known internationally. Whenever they release a record, they immediately get on the playlist of a lot of countries and a lot of TV channels, and the score is already 10-1. We should definetley try them one time". 

Jan went on to say that it does not matter that much which artist you send with a top DJ. Speaking in January 2019, Jan Smit has said that they still have not found a singer yet.


Check out our interview with last year's Dutch representative, Waylon, on the Blue Carpet in Lisbon:


Would you like to see a Dutch DJ take on Eurovision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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