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Spain | All Ten National Final Entries Released In Full - Vote Now!

This Sunday, Spain shall select their Eurovision 2019 act and song in the Eurovision Gala of their popular reality TV show Operacion Triunfo, and this afternoon the competing songs have been released in their three minutes versions.

The winning entry will be decided solely on a public vote basis, in the instance of a tie in the first window of voting, a second window of voting shall be opened between the tied entries to determine the winner. The ten songs will be performed by nine of the artists who competed on the most recent edition of the show, which was won by Famous in December. Famous has openly expressed his love of the contest and his desire to compete for Spain, so shall this love get him the ticket to Tel Aviv?

The ten songs were selected after a public voting round and a jury panel. 1 minute snippets were released of all 17 songs initially composed for the Gala, the top three from the public vote which closed on January 2nd automatically qualified for the show which were Maria with "Muérdeme" Noella with "Hoy vuelvo a reír orta vez" and Natalia with "La Clave" the other seven were selected by a jury final from the remaining fourteen.

The final 10 songs are as follows:

  • Carlos Right - "Se te nota"

  • Famous - "No puedo más"

  • Julia - "Qué quieres que haga"

  • María - "Muérdeme"

  • Marilia - "Todo bien"

  • Miki "La venda"

  • Miki & Natalia - "Nadie se salva"

  • Natalia - "La clave"

  • Noelia - "Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez"

  • Sabela - "Hoy soñaré"

You can listen to all 10 competing entries below. It has also been announced that 2018 Eurovision Song Contest runner up Eleni Foureira will also be performing during the show as an guest act.

Who is your favourite?! Let us know who you want to win by voting in our poll here:

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