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Romania | First Semi Final Artists Revealed For Selecția Națională 2019

The Eurovision national final season is in full swing, and with this, another country has just released further details of their national final Selectia Nationala. The broadcaster for Romania, TVR, has just recently announced details of the artists that will be competing in the countries first semi final. This will take place on January 27th 2019, and will see twelve songs all competing for a place in the final.

In no particular order the list of the first twelve songs are as follows:

  • Claudiu Mirea – "We Are The Ones"

  • Bella Santiago – "Army Of Love"

  • Laura Bretan – "Dear Father"

  • Steam – "The Way It Goes"

  • Vaida – "Underground"

  • Trooper – "Destin"

  • Ommieh & Anakrisez – "Rock This Way"

  • Teodora Dinu – "Skyscraper"

  • The Four – "Song Of My Heart"

  • Berniceya – "The Call: Dynasty of Love"

  • Nicola – "Weight Of The World"

  • DYA & Lucian Colareza – "Without You (Sin Ti)"

It will be up to the juries and public to decide which songs will go to the final that will be held on the 17th February 2019. The juries will chose four, whilst the public will decide the other two.

There has been much talk of Romania recently as much loved participant Mihai Traistariu pulled out of the national final unexpectedly. Whilst the broadcaster has introduced two wildcards: Bella Santiago with, "Army Of Love" (semi final one), and Linda Teodosiu with "Renegades" (Semi final two). Currently Bella is doing very well with polls, and the recent revamp of her song, has certainly swayed many fans into backing her. Details can be found here

UPDATE: Laura Bretan will now perform in the second semifinal of the selection, the reason is because Laura was due to perform in the second semifinal originally but was moved to the first semifinal after M I H A I withdrew from the selection. The first semi final will now feature 11 artists and the second semi final will now feature 13 artists.

With just ten days to go until the first semi final, which song or songs would you like to see qualify? Please telll us in the comments below.

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