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Croatia | Check out the Lineup for Dora 2019

For the first time since 2011, Croatia will choose its Eurovision act via a national selection process. Dora festival is back and it's taking place in Opatija on the 16th of February. The jury had the task to shortlist 166 submitted songs to the final sixteen. Two more songs are added with a possibility to come in as a replacement in case of eventual withdrawals.

Here's the list of participants and their song titles alongside the composers and lyricists:

  • Elis Lovrić - "All I Really Want" (E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić/O.Dešić)

  • Luka Nižetić - "Amorero Brutalero" (B. Mihaljević – M. Mihaljević – B. Mihaljević)

  • Gelato Sisters - "Back To The Swing" (T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec)

  • 4 Tenora - "Brod Bez Imena" (E. Botrić/M. Šimac – M. Šimac – E. Botrić)

  • Beta Sudar - "Don't Give Up" (P. Martinjak – P. Martinjak/M. Johansson – P. Martinjak)

  • Bernarda Bruno - "I Believe In True Love" (D. Rapotec Ute – T. Bon/B. Brunović – D. Rapotec Ute)

  • Domenika - "Indigo" (T. Huljić – V. Huljić – L. Škaro/T. Huljić)

  • Manntra - "In The Shadows" (M. Matijević Sekul/M. Kolarić/B. Kolarić – M. Kolarić/M. Matijević Sekul/B. Kolarić – M. Matijević Sekul)

  • Jure Brkljača - "Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu" (M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus/M. Blum)

  • Ema Gagro - "Redemption" (A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro – A. Pupavac - A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro)

  • Lea Mijatović - "Tebi Pripadam" (I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić)

  • Lidija Bačić Lille - "Tek Je Počelo" (D. Dumančić – Fayo – B. Đurđević)

  • Jelena Bosančić - "Tell Me" (J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić/A. Devčić/H. Domazet)

  • Lorena Bućan - "Tower Of Babylon" (T. Huljić – V. Huljić/I. Huljić –L. Škaro/T. Huljić)

  • Roko Blažević - "The Dream" (J. Houdek – J. Houdek/C. Mason/A. Čubrić – I. Škunca/F. Gjud)

  • Bojan Jambrošić i Danijela Pintarić - "Vrijeme Predaje" (A.T. Eterović – L. Čeči Baksa – A.T. Eterović)

And the two reserves are:

  • Tonka - "Don't Say You Love Me" (S.S. Skansi – S.S. Skansi/A. Šerić – S.S. Skansi)

  • Kim Verson - "Nisam To Što Žele" (K. Verson – K. Verson – S. Pasarić)

The expert jury consisted of the following members:

  • Vanna – Croatian representative at Eurovision 2001 (Strings Of My Heart)

  • Zlatko Turkalj – radio presenter and journalist with extensive experience in Dora and Eurovision,

  • Igor Geržina – producer of HRT’s Jazz Orchestra,

  • Ante Pecotić – composer of numerous entries of previous editions of Dora,

  • Zlatko Gall – journalist and music critic,

  • Antonija Šola – composer and singer, runner-up in Dora 2008,

  • Željen Klašterka – Head of Delegation

Some of the fans were interested if the songs will be presented before the 16th of February. The response came from the official HRT's Eurovision page Eurosong HRT, stating that the final sixteen songs won't be presented to the audience before the night of Dora.

They based that decision on the fact that if released earlier, not all songs would get the equal media coverage. Another reason is that HRT believes most of the Eurovision viewers will hear Croatian song for the first time at the night of Eurovision, and they want to recreate the same conditions for the Croatian audience and to make sure that they like the song after listening to it for the first time.

Are you excited for the return of Dora? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube!

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