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Slovenia | EMA 2019 Date Revealed As February 16th

Today Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO have announced their selection format for Eurovision, EMA 2019 will take place on February 16th, switching to the single night format it once prior.

It'll be the first time EMA will be hosted on a single night since 2016, with the 2017 and 2018 editions introducing semi finals and being conducted over three nights, however this year only ten songs were shortlisted to compete on a single night show, the ten artists and their entries are:

  • Fed Horses - "Ti ne poznaš konjev" (You Don't Know The Horses)

  • INMATE - "Atma"

  • Kim - "Rhythm Back To You"

  • Lumberjack - "Lepote dna" (The Beauty Of The Bottom)

  • Okustični - "Metujii Pleśejo" (Butterflies Are Dancing)

  • Raiven - "Kaos" - (Chaos)

  • Renata Mohorič - "Three Bridges"

  • René - "Ne Poveš" (Don't Say)

  • Ula Ložar - "Fridays"

  • Zala Kralj & Gašper Šanti - "Sebi" (To Myself)

Amongst the ten artists is 2016 selection runner up and 2017 third place finisher Raiven, she narrowly missed out on the chance of representing Slovenia back in 2016 when she lost the Superfinal to winner ManuElla by just over 100 votes. Also present is Ula Ložare, who represented Slovenia in 2014 in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with "Nisi Sam" where she ultimately finished in 12th place, she also has 2015 Eurovision Maraaya working on her entry, as they did in Junior Eurovision also, alongside CharlIe Mason, who most notably wrote 2014 Eurovision winning song "Rise Like A Phoenix".

Will you be watching EMA? Who are you most excited for in the selection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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