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Romania | Cat Music release revamped version of 'Army of Love'

Following TVR's decision to grant two wildcard positions for two songs that will compete in the Selectia Nationala semifinals, Bella Santiago's song, "Army of Love", now has a final revamped version that was released today under the biggest record label in Romania: Cat Music! The same record was responsible in supporting Romania's 2017 representatives, Ilinca & Alex Florea with "Yodel it!". You can listen to the revamped version of "Army of Love" here:

Furthermore, Bella performed live her song for the first time yesterday in a Romanian talk-show. However, this morning she was invited to another talk-show, where she said that she does not consider the wildcard situation unfair since the national broadcaster TVR stated from the very beginning in their T&C's that wildcards will be granted.

In the meantime, TVR just announced that Bella will perform in the first semi-final on January 27th! It will take place in Iasi, and she will compete with another fan favourite, Laura Bretan, and other 10 semi-finalists.

What do you think of the new version of "Army of Love"? Let us know and follow us on social media for more news!

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