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Belgium | Details Revealed of Eliot's Selection + Song

Two days ago, Belgium's Walloon broadcaster RTBF (who manages Belgium's Eurovision entry in alternating years) selected 18-year-old young musician Eliot Vassamillet to represent their nation at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel this May. We now have more information from the broadcaster about the processes that led to Eliot's selection but also what we can expect from the song Eliot will be taking to Israel.

Source: RTBF

In a press release by RTBF and head of delegation Leslie Cable, they have explained how the broadcaster selected both the artist and song that would represent them at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

"There is no television prime time show, nor is there a call for nominations, but whoever proposes a song is listened to."

Leslie Cable noted that this starts taking place in October - 8 months before the contest - where a jury of 17 people involved in the world of music collaborate as music professionals and experts. She added that whilst they use 'The Voice Belgique' to find new and upcoming artists (which has been the way that representatives Robert Bellarosa, Loic Nottet, Blanche & Eliot were all discovered to lots of success to date) ultimately it is up to the composer and the song.

"The composer can propose another artist. The choice will first be on the song.The song is what is most important."

Pierre Bertinchamps added:

"At RTBF, we are lucky not to have to ask for songs, they arrive on their own via the record labels."

Similarly to other countries, they explained that the record companies take care of the costs on the spot, viewing the contest as a bet for the future due to the huge visibility and promotion that it offers to the Belgian music industry and artists.

And that is not all ... we already know with the artist announcement that Eliot's song has been composed by Pierre Dumoulin who famously composed 4th place 'City Lights' for Belgium in 2017. He has already been quoted as saying that he spotted Eliot on The Voice Belgique and felt after watching his audition that he had an incredible voice and would be right for his planned composition.

ESCKAZ have reported that Belgium's 2019 song will be called 'Wake Up' and will be made publicly available next month in February. Speaking of his song, Eliot is quoted as saying the following:

"Pierre has invited me to his home in Liège. I told him my background and my expectations. The first guitar I got at the age of seven, two years of solfeggio, my passion for Anglo-Saxon pop and melancholic songs. Pierre made me listen to a demo which would later become Wake Up and I immediately hooked. We talked together about the topics of the song. Wake Up is a call to youth to improve the state of the world and mobilize for peace. This is a positive message that we want to pass on."

It sounds promising and here at Eurovoxx we cannot wait to see what the final song will look like! The last two times that RTBF controlled the Belgian act (2015 and 2017), the country placed fourth in both contests. Could Eliot make it three, or even go a few positions higher on the scoreboard and bring the contest home?

Are you excited to hear what Eliot will be singing in Tel Aviv? Let us know in the comments below and via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for the latest Eurovision news, selection updates and exclusive video content!


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