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Latvia | Dates for Supernova 2019 Confirmed

Whilst it was already known when Latvian national selection 'Supernova' was starting - broadcaster LTV have now finalized details of the selection contest and we will have our Latvian representative and their song confirmed on Saturday 16th February after two semi finals and a final!

This year, Latvia have decided to follow neighbouring Estonia's 'Eesti Laul' trend of having two semi finals followed by a final two weeks later instead of having all shows in consecutive weeks. The Supernova dates for your diary (and the participating songs for each semi final) are:

Semi Final One - Saturday 26th January 2019

  • Samanta Tina - "Cutting the Wire"

  • Edgars Kreilis - "Cherry Absinthe"

  • Elza Rozentāle - "You Came On Tiptoe"

  • Aivo Oskis - "Somebody's Got My Lover"

  • Alekss Silvērs - "Fireworks"

  • Līga Rīdere - "Būšu tepat"

  • Kris & Oz - "Midnight Streets"

  • Laime Pilnīga - "Awe"

Semi Final Two - Saturday 2nd February 2019

  • Adriana Miglāne - "Scared of Love"

  • Markus Riva - "You Make Me So Crazy"

  • Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens - "Tautasdziesma"

  • Laika Upe - "Listen to the Way that I Breathe"

  • Double Faced Eels - "Fire"

  • Kristiāna Bumbiere - "Remedy"

  • Kristīne Pastare (Peress) - "Smaragdi un pelni"

  • Carousel - "That Night"

Grand Final - Saturday 16th February 2019

Each semi final will see half the acts culled - with the top four from both advancing to the grand final later in February. For all of the shows, the outcome will be decided by a combination of a professional jury, a public televote (mobile voting + online) and also

Tickets for the shows will soon be made available on ticketing website

Who are you hoping will win Supernova and represent Latvia in Tel Aviv? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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