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Romania | Mihai Traistariu withdraws from Selectia Nationala

Sad news coming from Romania tonight. As plans for Selectia Nationala are going forward, another former Romanian representative, Mihai Traistariu, decides to withdraw from this year's selection. His decision comes just a couple weeks after another representative, Dan Bittman, decided to withdraw as well.

You can walk down the memory lane with Mihai's performance here:

In a Facebook post, the "Tornero" singer said that his decision to withdraw comes as a protest move - he stated that, at this point, he doesn't believe anymore in TVR's (the national broadcaster) objectivity. This is a way of saying that he doesn't agree with TVR's decision to grant two wildcards - for Bella Santiago (with the song "Army of love", listen here) and Linda Teodosiu (with the song "Renegades", listen here). However, the wildcards were clearly stated in Selectia Nationala 2019's Terms and Conditions, which you can find here.

Check out our interview with Mihai at Eurostarz 2017 in London:

We are sad to hear the news about Mihai's withdrawal, but we respect his decision and we hope to see him back again another year!

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