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France | Jurors announced for Destination Eurovision Semi Final 1

Today is has been announced via the official Eurovision France Instagram account, the names of the five international jurors who will vote in the first semi final of Destination Eurovision 2019.

In Destination Eurovision 2019, both semi finals will have a 5-member international jury who will vote for their favourite songs and in the final, there will be a 10-member international jury, also voting for their favourites. Their votes will account for 50% of the overall score, the other 50% coming from televoting.

The first semi final is due to take place Saturday 12th at 21:00 CET, and the member of the international jury are:

  1. David Tserunyan - Head of Armenian Delegation, Junior Eurovision producer and songwriter for Junior Eurovision and Eurovision 2017

  2. Tali Eshkoli - Eurovision 2019 co-producer and creator/producer of "Israel Calling"

  3. Paul Jordan (“Dr. Eurovision”) - Eurovision specialist for the BBC

  4. Sanja Vučić - Serbian representative in Eurovision 2016 and international jury for Song CZ 2018

  5. Carla Bughalo - Eurovision 2018 co-producer and current member of the Eurovision Reference Group

All five jurors will have a say in which four acts will qualify to the final of Destination Eurovision 2019. For each semi final and the final, the countries represented will change.

Are you excited for Destination Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media.

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