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Spain | Gala Eurovisión Date Set for January 20th

Building on the previous announcement that Spain's national selection - Operación Triunfo Gala Eurovisión - would take place in January, it has now been confirmed by Spanish broadcaster TVE that the national final will be on Sunday January 20th 2019 - meaning unless there are any internal reveals between now and then Spain will be the second song confirmed for Eurovision 2019!

Previously, it was confirmed that ten songs would be taking part in the special Gala Eurovisión. The first three were decided by the two week public vote, where the top three in the poll immediately won a place in the national final. A professional jury then decided the rest of the lineup in the days thereafter. The ten competing entries are:

  • Carlos Right - "Se te nota" (You Can't Hide It)

  • Famous - "No puedo más" (I Can't Take It Anymore)

  • Julia - "Qué Quieres Que Haga" (What Do You Want Me To Do)

  • María - "Muérdeme" (Bite Me)

  • Marilla - "Todo Bien" (Everything's Alright)

  • Miki - "La Venda" (The Blindfold)

  • Miki & Natalia - "Nadie Se Salva" (No One Is Safe)

  • Natalia - "La clave" (The Key)

  • Noelia - "Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez" (Today I Laugh Again)

  • Sabela - "Hoy Soñare" (I'll Dream Today)

The show will take place at 22.05 CET on Sunday 20th January 2019 and the winner will be decided via a public vote. Famous won Operación Triunfo last month, however his victory was not able to secure him enough support to get the public vote pass to the national final. However at the moment, only one minute snippets of the ten songs are available. TVE confirmed via a Q&A on their website that all of the songs will be made fully available 48 hours before the national final - so fans of the show can look forward to the songs on Friday 18th.

This is the second year this selection format has been used. In 2018, Operación Triunfo winner Amaia Romero and her then boyfriend Alfred Garcia performed romantic duet 'Tu Cancion' on the Eurovision 2018 stage. Whilst online fans fell in love with their love story, the voters were not so positive and the song only managed to secure 23rd in the final with 61 points.

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