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Eurovision 2019 | First Ticket Sale will take place at the end of January!

We've seen the logo & now the EBU have also dropped more major news - details on the first ticket sale! Fans have been waiting for months now for news on when they will be able to get their hands on tickets for the live shows taking place in Tel Aviv in May, as well as the jury shows and family viewing shows in the afternoons. The EBU and have confirmed that the first sale of tickets will go on sale at the end of the month after the semi-final allocation draw on January 28th.

It's been a busy news day for Eurovision HQ already - with the logo (which you can see just above) being released. In further news, the EBU have also confirmed that the first batch of tickets will go on sale at the end of January - with more exact details including prices and numbers to come soon. You can see artwork designed by the EBU of what the tickets will look like when received below. Israeli ticketing company Leaan has been selected as the official ticketing partner.

Back in September, it was reported via Israeli media that due to the venue being much smaller than the arenas used in previous years that there would be very limited tickets available - in the realm of 4,000 sold to the public. This has yet to be confirmed by the EBU, however precautionary methods have been put in place - including moving the green room and allowing further audiences to view the show live from the green room studio - in order to accommodate the thousands of fans that will be travelling to Tel Aviv this May in a bid to watch the shows live.

Are you going to be getting tickets for the live shows? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow Eurovoxx on social media for all the latest Eurovision news, selection updates and exclusive video content!

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