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Lithuania | First Six Advance In First Heat Of Selection

Tonight the first heat of the eight show Lithuanian selection "Eurovizijos" began with the first 12 of 49 competing artists taking to the stage, and the first six have been selected to advance to the next round.

The show was filmed back on December 20th but was only aired on Jnauary 5th, meaning the jury votes are cast ahead of the televote, the jury votes and announces the jury votes during the taping of the show, meaning the artists get a rough idea of their chances of qualifying or not, however it has proven countless times the jury can be overruled by the public and send a act not loved by the jury through on a strong televote score, out of the twelve acts that performed.

The six that advanced are:

  • MaNNazz - "Blind Bird"

  • Migloko - "Rožes"

  • Aldegunda - "I Want Your Love"

  • Twosome - "1000"

  • Glossarium - "Anyone"

  • Šarūnas Mačiūlis - "Traukinys"

Meaning that the six unfortunately going home after heat one are:

  • Matas Ligeika - "You Came Here To Fly"

  • Simona - "This Day Begins With Love"

  • Filtered Tools - "Survival"

  • RUTA - "Paradox"

  • Gabriela Ždanovičiūtė - "Home Is In Your Heart"

  • Gebrasy - "Acceptance"

Twelve more acts will compete next week (January 12th 2019) for the next six spaces in the next round. 'Blind Bird' was the heat winner by MaNNazz - check out the heat winning song below:

Did you favourite make it through? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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