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Spain | National Final 'Eurovision Gala' Lineup Completed

On the 19th December, the seventeen one minute snippets were released that were in the running to represent Spain for the Eurovision Song Contest, the top three as voted for by the public would advance to the final, with up to another seven being selected by a professional jury to compete in the national final, and today the full list of ten for 'Gala Eurovision' has been released.

We knew prior that Maria, Natalia and Noella has got their spot in the Eurovision Gala Opericion Triunfo show after placing in the top three of the public vote, which closed at midnight January 2nd, but today the seven songs selected by the jury to compete alongside them have been released, the seven selected songs are as follows:

  • Carlos Right - "Se te nota" (You Can't Hide It)

  • Famous - "No puedo más" (I Can't Take It Anymore)

  • Julia - "Qué Quieres Que Haga" ( What Do You Want Me To Do)

  • Marilla - "Todo Bien" (Everything's Alright)

  • Miki - "La Venda" (The Blindfold)

  • Miki & Natalia - "Nadie Se Salva" (No One Is Safe)

  • Sabela - "Hoy Soñare" (I'll Dream Today)

These seven will be joining the three songs that won the televote:

  • María - "Muérdeme" (Bite Me)

  • Noelia - "Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez" (Today I Laugh Again)

  • Natalia - "La clave" (The Key)

One of these ten songs will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, also it is noting that OT winner Famous was selected by the jury for the show, but runner up Alba Reche and her entry has been eliminated, eight of the top ten also placed inside the top ten of the initial public voting round also, with Julia and Carlos Right placing 11th and 12th with the public respectively. The date for the Eurovision Gala has not been announced and will be a later date, although is expected to take place in January.

So we have our final ten! Which song is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts and feelings down in the comments below!

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