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Malta | X Factor Finalists - Who is Your Favourite?

Over the past two weeks, the twelve finalists for X Factor Malta - which is of course being used as the Maltese national selection for their 2019 Eurovision representative - have been selected. We have the top twelve, so join Elliot and David as we talk all things X Factor Malta!

We have our final twelve finalists:

The Girls:

  • Kelsey Bellante

  • Michela Pace

  • Nicole Frendo

The Boys:

  • Luke Chappell

  • Norbert Bondin

  • Owen Leuellen

The Overs:

  • Ben Purplle

  • Franklin Calleja

  • Petra

The Groups:

  • 4th Line

  • Kayati

  • Xtreme

We've watched from the start and we can't wait to see what happens next! Check out our exclusive video talking about the finalists, what we hope to see, our expectations and even our winner predictions!

And make sure to vote in our poll ... who are your favourites!?

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