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Montenegro | Montevizija Final On February 9th

December 26, 2018

For a second successive year, Montenegro are using the five song selection format Montevizija to select their artist and song for Eurovision, and they have announced the single show will take place on February 9th 2019.


 Five songs will compete for the right to represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, Montenegro have qualified for the final since 2015, where they achieved their best ever result in the competition of 13th with Knez and "Adio" Montevizija was used to select the entry last year and was the first time Montenegro used a national selection for the first time since 2008. The five acts competing in Montevizija 2019 are as follows:


Andrea Demirović - "Ja sam ti san" (I am your dream)


D-Moll - "Ti" (You)


Ivana Popović-Martinović - "Nevinost" (Innocence)


Monika Knezović - "Nepogrješiva" (Unbelievable) 


Nina Petković - "Uzmi ili ostavi" (Take it or leave it)


It was announced that the five songs would face a public vote to represent Montenegro, it is now being spoken by RTGC that some of the songs will face a second stage, they have announced when it will be or how it will work, but it could be similar to the format last year where the five songs faced a first public vote with the top three advancing to the Superfinal and facing a second public vote to decide the winner of the show. Last year Montenegro was represented by Vanja Radovanovic in Lisbon with the song "Inje" he placed 16th in the semi-final. 

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