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France | Destination Eurovision Dates and Format Confirmed

Following a successful debut, French national selection process 'Destination Eurovision' will once again be taking place in January ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. We've already seen snippets of the songs taking part in the competition (and the full songs of some!) and now French broadcaster France 2 have confirmed the dates and format that will be used.

It was previously revealed that there would be a slight change in the format and that the semi finals would now be aired live allowing the results to incorporate a televote - making the split results for all three shows 50/50 professional jury & public vote. With eighteen songs, nine will compete in each semi final with the top four from each show qualifying for the final. The eight finalists will then compete for a second time to win the national final and the winner will be chosen to represent France in Tel Aviv at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The dates for the shows:

  • Semi Final One: Saturday 12th January 2019

  • Semi Final Two: Saturday 19th January 2019

  • Final: Saturday 26th January 2019

The eighteen artists and their songs who will be competing are:

  • Aysat - "Comme une Grande"

  • Battista Acquaviva - "Passio"

  • Bilal Hassani - "Roi"

  • Chimene Badi - "Là-haut"

  • Doutson - "Sois un bon fils"

  • Emmanuel Moire - "La promesse'

  • Florina - "In The Shadows"

  • Gabriella - "On cherche encore"

  • Lautner - "J'ai pas le temps"

  • Mazy - "Oulala"

  • Naestro - "Le Brasier"

  • Noémie - "Ma petite famille"

  • Philipelise - "Madame la Paix"

  • Seemone - "Tous les doux"

  • Sylvan Areg - "Le petit Nicolas"

  • The Divaz - "La voix d'Aretha"

  • Tracy De Sa - "Por aqui"

  • Ugo - "Ce qui me blesse"

You can listen to snippets of all of the songs taking part in Destination Eurovision via the official YouTube channel here.

Who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below and via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Make sure to like/follow/subscribe for the latest Eurovision news, national selection updates and exclusive video content!

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