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Spain | Road to Eurovision 2019: OT Final

December 20, 2018

After three months of Operacion Triunfo, we have a winner! Congratulations on such a great show, congratulations to all of the sixteen talented candidates who entered the academy, but above all – congratulations to our winner - Famous!



Here's our recap of the final!


The last group song in this season was  Lady Gaga's  - The Edge of Glory


There were two phases of the final. In the first phase, our five finalists sang their self-chosen songs. The destiny of the finalists was in the hands of the Spanish audience only.



Alba Reche – Creep (Radiohead)


First one to perform was Alba Reche. She has chosen a song from her final casting prior to entering the academy. She san it in the style of two of her favourite genres as she said – rock and jazz. Alba's unique voice, positive attitude and emotional delivery, marked her journey of Operacion Triunfo 2018.



Famous – And I am telling you I'm not going (Jennifer Hudson)


What a self-confidence he gained through this show! Famous is the humble and playful boy, but when he steps on the stage and starts singing – he transforms to another version of Famous, showing all his talent to the world.




Julia - Déjame ser  (Manuel Carrasco)


Another "Julia-touch" to the cover of the song. Her voice and presence have a calming effect on me and what I like about her besides her talent is Julia's personality – her sensibility and humour.





Natalia – Never Enough  (from the musical The Greatest Showman)


Elina Nechayeva, is that you? The light effects on the dress were beautiful and so was Natalia's performance of the song. I want the album with all the songs Natalia composed in the academy, as soon as possible. Natalia is the pure definition of talent!




Sabela – Tris Tras (Marful)


Sabela, our girl next door, everyone's friend, and the queen of group performances. And themost important of all -  the queen of Galician masterpieces. You can see Sabela's really enjoying being on the stage. What an energy!





After the first round of audience votes:


5. Julia with 10% of the audience votes


4. Sabela with 12% of the audience votes


After the first phase, the rest three were announced super finalistsFamous, Alba Reche and Natalia.


Out top three finalists sang their songs from the very first gala – Gala 0, to show the progress they made during their three months stay at the academy.


First one was again Alba with Dangerous woman, next was Famous with Faith and the last performance was Natalia's cover of Crazy.



The lines were closed for the second time and here's how the Spanish audience voted:


3. Natalia, winning 29% of the audience votes


2. Alba Reche, winning 35% of the audience votes


And the winner is:


  1. Famous with 36% of the audience votes


What's next? Stay tuned...


A special Christmas Gala  was announced, including exciting collaborations with the famous artists: The most interesting for the Eurofans - Famous will sing Nobody but you with Cesar Sampson.


Moments before announcing the winner, Amaia had her guest performance, presenting her new single Un nuevo lugar. Last year, Amaia won both Operacion Triunfo and Eurovision Gala. Could the history repeat itself this year with Famous?! We'll have to wait until January to find out. Stay with Eurovoxx for the further updates on Spain's road to Eurovision 2019!


Are you happy with Famous winning Operacion Triunfo 2018? Who's on your wishlist for Eurovision?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments and on our Facebook, Twiter and Instagram.


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