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Spain | Road to Eurovision 2019: OT Gala 11

Operación Triunfo 2018, popular Spanish TV show and the way of choosing Spain's act for Eurovision, is coming to its end!

The first two finalists of the show were announced last night and in just two weeks we'll have the winner of Operación Triunfo 2018. We'll have to wait till January for the Eurovision Gala to find out who will succeed Alfred and Amaia, but from what we have seen in the show, we have every reason to be excited!

Read more to catch up with the latest performances and all the exciting news!

In the show-opening group performance, seven remaining contestants sang Ni tú ni nadie by Alaska y Dinarama. After the group song, the two last nominees in this season of the show - Marta and Sabela, were on the move:

1. Marta: One more try (George Michael)

The queen of the '80s is back! Marta is nominated for the fourth time and this is her „one more try“ to survive nomination. Once again, Marta has chosen a song from the '80s. Accompanied by Manu Guix on the piano, Marta's interpretation of George Michael's song was flawless. One of the jury members, Joe Pérez-Orive called it Marta's "best performance so far, without any doubt“.

2. Sabela: El cuarto de tula (Buena Vista Social Club)

Sabela was next, with Cuban melodies and salsa dance moves! She's one of the most emotionally expressive contestants in this season and she is bringing much energy and character in each performance. Luckily I'm outside Spain and can't vote, because I wouldn't know who to vote for. I want to keep them both in the show.

3. Famous: Problem (Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea)

From Gala 0 it was clear that Famous can sing. Later on, with „Fast car“ and especially with „Uptown Funk“ he showed he can dance. And now he showed... wait for it... he can rap! Actually, the rap part of the song is what I liked the most in his last night's performance. Singing and rapping ✓ Dancing ✓ Stage presence ✓ Eurovision performance - ... loading ...

4. Julia: Sober (Demi Lovato)

Julia can make me laugh and cry just by her precious voice and the look in her eyes! This performance has left me speechless! Joe Pérez-Orive complimented Julia for her performance and added: „I completely trust in your musical career!“ Me too, Joe, and I can't wait for Julia's first single. The scene also looked interesting, with bottles of alcoholic drinks, representing the theme of the song - addiction.

5. Miki: Hijos De La Tierra (Nil Moliner)

Miki is bringing positive vibes once again, this time with "Hijos De La Tierra" by Nil Moliner. Miki is really confident and charismatic and his interaction with the audience is, by all means, his strongest attribute.

6. Natalia: Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra, version by Lady Gaga)

Natalia sang one of the absolute classics – Bang, bang by Nancy Sinatra! The only contestant who was never nominated by the jury, Natalia surprised us positively once again. The guest member of the jury, Javier Llanos said to Natalia: "... you've been splendid...the only thing I did not like is that the song was very short".

7. Alba Reche: Crazy in love (Beyonce feat. Jay-Z)

Alba Reche was the last to perform in the gala 11, coming with this banger by Queen B. And I have to say, "crazy in love" is the perfect phrase to describe how most of the fans feel about Alba and her voice (me included).

What happened on the show? Eliminated: Marta

With 64 % of the public votes, Sabela survived her second nomination and reached the semi-final. The fourth nomination was fatal for Marta, who becomes the tenth expulsed candidate.

Finalists: Natalia and Famous

Each member of the jury rated each contestant with the grade 1 - 10. The candidate who got the highest sum of the points has become the first finalist of Operacion Triunfo 2018. And with 100% of the jury points – it's Natalia! Congratulations, well-deserved!

The academy teachers had the pleasure to announce their decision on the second finalist – it's Famous!


In the semi-final gala, which is happening next week, the jury will choose one more finalist. The television audience will then choose the other two finalists, and the contestant with the least amount of the votes will be the last one to leave the show.

Guests: Alfred (Eurovision 2018) and Rosana

Alfred, Operacion Triunfo 2017 finalist and Eurovision participant, was the special guest of the gala. "I'm very excited to present my first single - De la Tierra hasta Marte...“ – Alfred announced his first album "1016“, which will be released on December 14th.

One of the most recognized Spanish artists, Rosana, was the other musical guest, performing her song "En la memoria de la piel"

Are you satisfied with the first two finalists? Who do you wish to see in a final of OT2018? Who do you think could shine on a big Eurovision stage? Tell us in the comments and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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