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Ukraine | Tayanna is considering Vidbir 2019 with a Ukrainian song

The two times runner up in the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision, Tayanna, is considering a return to the show for the third time. This time she will try to win it with a song in the Ukrainian language.

Tayanna tried to win the ticket to sing on home soil in 2017 with the strong ballad 'I love you' but narrowly missed out on winning and ended up in second place, getting the maximum points from the jury but 3rd place from the public.

The original version of the song is in Russian and it got very positive reactions from fans. The story was not much different in 201 either. She came back with a banger in the Ukrainian language 'Leyla' but it missed out on winning by only 1 point.

Tayanna is considering participating with another song in Ukrainian. Speaking to fans during the concert in Lviv, she said:

"For some reason, our artists are afraid to go on a contest with a Ukrainian-language song. Why are other countries singing in their own language and do not think that someone there may not understand this or somehow do not appreciate it? Perhaps the most important contribution would be to represent Ukraine at Eurovision with a song in Ukrainian."

Check out our interview with this year's Ukrainian participant, Melovin, at Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam

Vidbir's two semi finals will take place on February 9 and 16, with the final on February 23. Would you like to see Tayanna back? Let us know in the comments below!

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