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Hungary | A Dal 2019 Competitors Revealed

This morning MTVA hosted their A Dal 2019 press conference and gave us all the information we need to start getting excited for Hungary's national selection process as they decide on their Eurovision 2019 entrant. 30 artists and their song titles were announced along with the judging panel/jurors who will have a large say in deciding who will get the ticket to Tel Aviv next February. Amongst the list of names are 2 past winners & Eurovision singers- András Kállay Saunders of 2014 is participating with new band project 'The Middletonz' and Joci Pápai of 2017 - both of whom secured Top 10 placements at Eurovision for Hungary!

We'll be updating this list as and when more songs are released. The line up consists of:

  • Acoustic Planet – "Nyári zápor"

  • Timi Antal feat. Gergő Demkó – "Kedves világ"

  • Olivér Berkes – "Lighthouse"

  • Deniz – "Ide várnak vissza"

  • Dayana – "Little Bird"

  • Fatal Error – "Kulcs"

  • Gotthy – "Csak egy perc"

  • Klára Hajdú – "You’re Gonna Rise"

  • Barni Hamar – "Wasted"

  • Dávid Heatlie – "La Mama Hotel"

  • Konyha – "Százszor visszajátszott"

  • Kyra Fedor – "Maradj még"

  • Leander Kills – "Hazavágyom"

  • Mocsok 1 kölykök – "Egyszer"

  • Monyo Project – "Run Baby Run"

  • Bogi Nagy – "Holnap"

  • Nomad – "A remény hídjai"

  • Gergő Oláh – "Hozzád bújnék"

  • Joci Pápai – "Az én apám"

  • Rozina Pátkai – "Frida"

  • Petruska – "Help Me Out Of Here"

  • Ruby Harlem – "Forró"

  • Salvus – "Barát"

  • Gergő Szekér – "Madár, repülj!"

  • The Middletonz – "Roses"

  • The Sign – "Ő"

  • Laszló Váray – "Someone Who Lives Like This"

  • USNK – "Posztolj"

  • Bence Vavra – "Szótlanság"

  • yesyes – "Incomplete"

As well as the returning winners, we also see a return for both Leander Kills and yesyes who were finalists in A Dal 2018 - with yesyes narrowly being beaten by metal band AWS in the superfinal, losing out by just 3%. There is no doubt that these will be two of the ones to beat next year.

After a positive reception this year, Hungary's 2016 Eurovision representative Freddie will be back to host for a second year alongside Bogi Dallos. The four experts who will be making up the jury are Miklós Both, Misi Mező, Lilla Vincze and Feró Nagy.

Earlier this year, Clara caught up with the boys of AWS to chat all things Eurovision with them ahead of their participation in Lisbon - if you haven't checked it out make sure you do!

Are you excited by the A Dal 2019 line up? Let us know which names you're excited to see and make sure to follow Eurovoxx on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for the latest Eurovision news, updates and exclusive video content!

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