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Ireland | Brendan Murray Eliminated In X Factor Semi Finals

Last night the X Factor semi finals took place, with the final six acts for only three spots in next weeks big grand final, and in a double elimination tonight, Ireland 2017 Eurovision act Brendan Murray was sadly sent home.

Brendan, who turned 22 last week was sent home immediately on Saturday, after all of the final six performed twice the lines froze, and the two with the lowest votes would be eliminated there and then and not progressed onto the traditional Sunday night results show, this is the first time this series we have seen an elimination take place on the Saturday night, alongside Brendan, the final of the Overs' category Danny Tetley was also eliminated.

Despite being visibly disappointed when fellow boys' category competitor Anthony Russell was announced as the fourth and final act to proceed and therefore confirming he was being sent home, Brendan stated in the exit speech.

"This has been the best experience of my life, and I want to thank everyone who's voted for me, Louis thank you for taking me on. X Factor, it's been one of the nest moments of my life, thank you so much"

The songs for tonght had to fit into two categories: ABBA and "Get Me To The Final" where the acts had free range to sing what they deemed was good enough to convince the public to send them into the final, Brendan opened the semi final with his own choice of Run by Snow Patrol before his second song of the night "I Have A Dream" which sadly for the young Irishman, was his last performance on the show.

What do you think of Brendan getting to the semi finals of X Factor? Should he have gone all the way to the final? Let us know your thoughts!

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