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Jesc 2018 | Angélina From France Teaches Jess From Eurovoxx To Dance

November 24, 2018


France are one of the favourites at this year's competition.  After 14 years, they have decided to re-join the party in style.  Angélina has constantly impressed everyone in rehearsals, and Jess from Eurovoxx was very lucky to be given the opportunity to interview the massively talented singer.  It was fun to see that she even tried to teach Jess her iconic dance.  Please check the interview out below:




Jess asked Angélina how she was doing, to which the young star said, "fine".  Of the rehearsals she liked the rehearsals, "and fitting around the stage".  Prior to the contest, Angélina sang at the 'Voice Kids France'  and won, on how it prepared her for this experience, she told Jess that, "It has nothing to do with the contest, but I had experience of a competition.  That helps".  


When asked about how she has been finding her time in Belarus, the French star told Eurovoxx that, "I love Minsk, and Belarus.  I have created a family with all the competitors.  That is good... I've made friends with everyone, especially Albania, and Georgia".  


We wanted to know what makes Angelina happy? "Singing", however when she isn't singing, she likes to "dance, that is why I wanted to dance on stage with all the dancers".  Of her special dance it took her several weeks, and days to learn, and she is ready for the stage.


The interview ended with a big smile, and the traditional photos.  However check out the video below of Angélina teaching Jess to dance.  Check that out below:




At Eurovoxx we would like to wish Angélina from France the best of luck.  Do you like the song, and think it could win?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.





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