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JESC 2018 | Marco and Melissa - "Love is universal"

Marco and Melissa from Italy were all smiles in their press conference after their second rehearsal in Minsk Arena. Let's see what they talked about!

It has been clear from the the beginning of their Junior Eurovision 2018 journey that Marco and Melissa have formed a beautiful friendship that we're sure will continue on well after Junior Eurovision 2018 has finished. They both said in their press conference that after meeting for the first time in July at The Junior Eurovision auditions in Bologna that "we really are best friends".

Continuing on with Junior Eurovision 2018, both Marco and Melissa had a lot of love and praise for their delegation, referring to their whole team as "our angels who help us a lot". They had a lot of positive things to say about Minsk and Belarus as well, and how much they love the grandeur and lights of the city.

As their song is called "What Is Love", they of course were asked that very same question, What Is Love to them? Their answer? "Love is universal". They both said that love is not just between a boy and a girl, but that love is indeed universal, that it is for friends, and family, and pets, and countries, and, as Marco said to an amused audience, love is for Belarus.

Check out review of Italy's first rehearsal below:

Now of course we know Marco and Melissa as singers and performers, and as Marco mentioned, he has performed in many contests prior to Junior Eurovision, including San Remo Junior on two occasions, where he finished in 3rd place both times.

But aside from music and singing, they also talked about their other hobbies and passions, with Marco proclaiming that if he were not involved in the music industry, he would like to be a Dermatologist. Melissa on the other hand would really enjoy working as a children's doctor.

When they are not singing (both on stage and in the shower) they are very much animal lovers, with Marco having a pet Cat named... "Cat". They both also enjoy swimming too, although Marco doesn't like to swim indoors as "it's too dark".

We think that Marco and Melissa make a great duo and we would love to hear more music from them in the future!

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