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JESC 2018 | L.E.V.O.N - 'It's All About The Fringe'

Yesterday, it was the turn of L.E.V.O.N from Armenia to "Light Up" the stage in Minsk, and that he did. After his second rehearsal the young singer, and his team were more than happy enough to take questions from the press. He was very talkative, and just like his performance he was very charming, full of energy. This is what he had to say.

When asked about the song, and why it was his name "L.E.V.O.N" he exclaimed that it was a massive surprise for him, and the song was specifically written for him. He won his national final, and entered it full of confidence, and the honour of having a song written for him.

His staging is very memorable, and the young singer has a lot of choreography which comes across as complicated. Of this L.E.V.O.N said it was all planned, but his movements are easy enough for him to remember, but easy enough for the audience to follow and interract too. Even his famous fringe is part of the performance, he said when it covers his eyes, it represents seeing through darkness. Check out Eurovoxx review of L.E.V.O.N here:

Levon Galstyan which is his name told the press that he decided to use it as his stage name as it is an Armenian name, but it is also the name of Armenia's greatest king. The word is also very common in Belarus and is like Lavon. His greatest musical influences are Bruno Mars, and Chris Brown.

The Armenian star is quite the home boy, and told us that his favourite place to spend time is in his hometown of Yerevan. It is the cascade which has the most amazing views, and you get the best view of the city from here. According to his mum it has over 1000 stairs.

Of his time in Minsk, the singer has said that he loves his time in Belarus, he has seen lots, and has enjoyed his stay. His parent could not help but say he was cunning, in the nicest possible way. This young performer is quite the star. He is engaging as a performer, and he loves the opportunity that this competition has given in.

We think he is a star? Do you agree? We want to wish L.E.V.O.N from Armenia all the best of luck in the contest. Tell us what you think in the comments below?

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