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Jesc 2018 | Europe Start Voting Now

The time has arrived Europe!!! the voting for the official Junior Eurovision has begun. After months of selections, and a grueling few days of rehearsals. You the viewer at home, have the chance to vote, and change the final outcome on Sunday. Which are the stand out performers for you? Which ones would you like to win?

How To Vote:

To Vote you need to click the link, and VOTE HERE.

Phase 1

The first phase of online voting started at 20:00 CET (21:00 GMT) on Friday 23 November.

Voters are required to watch a recap of all the rehearsal performances. After this, there is also the option to watch longer one-minute clips from each participant’s rehearsals. This first round of voting closes on Sunday, 25 November, at 15:59 CET (16:59 GMT) just before the live show.

Each voter must select at least 3 songs, but no more than 5 to cast a valid vote. Viewers can also vote for their own country’s song.

Phase 2

The second phase of online voting takes place during the live show, and starts after the last song has been performed, this voting window opens up for approximately 15 minutes. Again, the international audience can vote for a minimum of 3 countries and a maximum of 5. Viewers can also vote for their own country’s song. These votes will then be turned into points.

The national jury will consist of 50% of the vote, whilst the the televote will get the other 50% of the vote. The juries will award points in the traditional way. Starting from 1-8 then 10 and finally the maximum 12. As there are 20 countries, there is 1600 points to be fought over. If one country were to receive all twenty "12 points", they could walk away with 240. Then the televotes are calculated by the percentage of votes received. For example, if a song receives 20% of the votes, then it receives 20% of the available points (20% from 1.160 points = 232 points).

Who will you be voting for? Please tell us in the comments below!!!!

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